Let’s Paleo Go with BK Bones!

Bethany Burke of BK Bones - Paleontology made fun!

BK Bones, aka Bethany Burke

BK Bones is a paleontologist and certified fossil preparator who shares her passion for the prehistoric with engaging talks and lively demonstrations designed for audiences of all ages.

BK Bones is a big proponent of STEAM education and Bethany makes questioning, exploration and creativity the heart of her approach. Expect eye-catching images, fossils (and fossil replicas) and lots of high-energy interaction.

BK Bones bring paleo facts and fun to schools, libraries, and more! For information on setting up an event for audiences Pre-K to adult, contact BK Bones!

Bethany and Roofus

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I am extremely impressed with Bethany’s ability to interact with children of all ages, as well as adults. It is a rare talent for someone to be able to make information relatable to such a wide range of audiences, but Bethany has a natural feel for it.

Bethany is deeply knowledgeable, excels at public speaking, and is a wonderful educator. We consider ourselves fortunate to have worked with her. I would highly recommend her!

— “Dinosaur George” Blasing, The Dinosaur George Company

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