Meet BK Bones

Bethany Burke - BK Bones
Bethany on the Isle of Wight with an Iguanodon foot cast

On the Isle of Wight with Iguanodon foot cast

BK Bones, aka Bethany Burke, has always loved all things prehistoric. As a child she wanted paleontology to be in every aspect of her day. She ate dinosaur-themed oatmeal whenever possible, sang “The Pterodactyl Song” when riding in cars, dug for fossils every day in her backyard, and read bedtime stories about dinosaurs.

Throughout the years, Bethany continued reading and learning about paleontology. Bethany has gone on many fossil hunting trips, most of them as guided excursions led by paleontologists.  These days Bethany’s favorite dinosaur is Spinosaurus, the first known semi-aquatic dinosaur. Bethany is quick to point out that paleontology isn’t all about dinosaurs, though. Her favorite aquatic reptile, and her favorite ancient creature of all, is the apex predator the mosasaur.

Bethany is a graduate of Southwestern University with a B.A. in Communications which taught her a thing or two about being a great presenter. She has experience working with children in a variety of formats, including as a Pre-K teacher, and with older children at camps and clubs where she taught art, theater and STEAM lessons. She has also served as the national youth spokesperson for MRSA Survivors Network.

Bethany is also a certified fossil preparator and member of the Paleontological Society of Austin, Paleontological Society, and Society of Vertebrate Paleontology. Bethany was thrilled to have spent her second official dig season as a Summer 2022 Field Intern at The Montana Dinosaur Center.

BK Bones is a big proponent of STEAM education and Bethany makes questioning, exploration and creativity the heart of her approach. Expect eye-catching images, fossils (and fossil replicas) and lots of high-energy interaction.

Bethany Burke of BK Bones - Paleontology made fun!