BK Bones brings her puppet “Roofus” to every show!

BK Bones can bring a bit of the prehistoric to you. A big proponent of STEAM education, this paleontology presenter makes questioning, exploration and creativity the heart of her approach. Expect eye-catching images, fossils (and fossil replicas) and lots of high-energy interaction. Shows can be geared to any age from PreK to adult.

BK Bones Shows

fun sidewalk with dinosaur footprints in chalk

In the Greater Austin, Texas area

30 minute presentation with 15 minutes of Q&A

Large Group Show (schools, libraries, camps) cost is $350

Small Group Show (scout troops, clubs, classrooms) cost is $300

(with mileage if over 20 miles from Central Austin)

If outside Central Texas, please contact us to discuss travel to your area.

Fossils, Facts, and Fun Shows

Great for elementary school ages and mixed age shows!

Choose from these Paleo Topics

BK Bones - Paleontology made fun!

Dinosaur or NOT?

You can probably name some fascinating prehistoric creatures. But is each one of them actually a dinosaur, or NOT? You might be surprised! What makes a dinosaur a dinosaur? You’ll definitely know after this presentation and be well on your way to paleo expert!

BK Bones - Paleontology made fun!

Meat-Eating Dinosaurs

There are T-rex and Spinosaurus, of course! But there are so many more—some you may not have even heard of before! Learn how they used not only strong jaws, sharp teeth, and claws to grab their prey, but also their brains to hunt!

BK Bones - Paleontology made fun!

Mosasaurs and More!

The ancient seas were filled with interesting and unusual creatures and mosasaurs were certainly that. In fact, mosasaurs powered through the prehistoric oceans as the top predators of their time. Take a peek into the ancient deep!

Dinosaurs of Texas

New Show for 2024! You might call the Lone Star State the “Bone Star State” after this presentation! Take a peek into prehistoric Texas, where some amazing dinosaurs roamed the wilds, possibly in your very own community!

Storytime with BK Bones

Great for toddlers through grade 2!
Storytimes that rock!

Great for toddlers through grade 2!

  • Greet guests while showing fossil replica OR invite each child to bring one dinosaur toy from home to have the species identified by a real paleontologist!
  • Lively read aloud of Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs by Byron Barton in Big Book format
  • Show several fossil replicas (examples: skull, claw, tooth)
  • Lead movement song and shaker egg song (shaker eggs provided for use in Storytime)
  • Wrap up with highly engaging oversized dinosaur puppet

Ask about enhancing & extending the experience with these additions at nominal charges!

  • a dinosaur party hat for each child
  • simple and fun dinosaur craft

AND MORE Opportunities with BK Bones!

  • Science and STEM Nights
  • Career Talk: How to Become a Paleontologist
  • Teen Program: Jurassic Park vs. Real Science

Want to book an in-person show outside of Austin, Texas? Contact BK Bones for more information.