Hey guys! BKBones here with a quick review on the Dancing Bear Fossil Sorting Activity Kit!

This kit says it has more than 100 pieces and that’s totally right! With all of the tiny corals and shark teeth I’d say mine had about 200+ pieces! All the fossils are in a really big bag and you have to go through it to find them all.

With over 20 types of fossils including a polished ammonite this kit is really a bang for your buck and the best fossil kit I have seen. Kids will love that it includes authentic chunks of real dinosaur bones! How cool is that!? Younger fossil enthusiast will need the help of their parents, but for ages 10 and up this is a great solo activity. It comes with a fossil identification sheet and identification cards that show you what the fossil looks like, and lists some facts about the fossil including where it was found.

The kit includes little specimen bags to put your sorted fossils in which is really handy. I recommend doing this activity in an empty cardboard box or plastic bin as the fossils are sort of dusty and could leave residue. When first opening the bag there is a chalky smell but that’s nothing to worry about.

This kit makes a wonderful gift or would be a great activity for homeschool science.

I give the Dancing Bear Fossil Sorting Activity Kit 5 out of 5 stars! This post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own.